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What is a Private Blog Network or PBN?

ann-pln24xyz-1The set of domains that is owned by the user or any other individual is called as a private link network(PLN) or private blog network (PBN). The users can have a blog network which could consist of free blogs. The free blog domains are not that much powerful when compared to the self-hosted blogs.

ann-pln24xyz-2In most of the cases, expired domains are used for making of the Blog network. The domain which was once owned by someone and whose registration has expired is called as an expired domain. Whatever may be the reason; once the domain is not registered anyone can pay the normal registration fee and own it.

Points to be noted about PLN:

  • The sites on your private link network are of no use unless they are linked to other sources. Normally the SEO which used PLN first tend to acquire an expired domain which is linked to a third-party external link. After that, they use this domain to put fresh SEO articles and content.

  • One can use the private blog networks to increase or manipulate the rankings of their sites or it can also be used to sell some of the links to other owners who are in need.

  • The basic concept behind the blog network is to that it allows the user a cheaper way to earn money by using a third-party link.

ann-pln24xyz-3Advantages of Private link networks:

  • By using private link networks, you are able to obtain back links which are of high-quality and will help you earn more.

  • You can control the contents which you want to show in the back link.

  • In the blog networks, you have the control of the Anchor Text to be placed on the backlinks

  • You can change the content of or the anchor text anytime you want.

Disadvantages of Private link networks:

  • It is very difficult to find domains that have expired.

  • You need to host the domain with a separate IP address.

  • The content to be placed should be original and also unique.

  • You need to manage a lot of different websites at a time.

  • You need to pay if you want more accounts for hosting.


Are PLN’s still effective?

Private Blog or Private Link Networks are still effective, but the fact can’t be denied that there is risk involved in blog networks, as it is against the terms of my aunt G.  She possesses every right to remove the sites if they are violating the terms of her.

Search engine optimization: the difference between its black and white aspects

nina-white-seo1In the fast-paced world of digital marketing and the fast rising trends in our everyday lives, business both offline and online compete in attracting customers to their hub. Those with online presence deal with the enormous task of being visible when clients are looking for services and the way to that is by appearing at the top of search engine results or first page when the former becomes difficult. The major search engines are Google, Bing and Yahoo. The quest to rank high in search engine results is what brought the idea of search engine optimization (SEO), it is the process of increasing the visibility of a web page in search engine results and the higher or visible sites appear in search engine results, the more visitors, clients and customers it attracts.

The search engine optimization is divided into two, white and black SEO, we will be dissecting the differences between them both in this article. First of all a brief overview of white hat seo, it refers to the use of the seo techniques and strategies that focus mainly on human audience opposed to search engines and completely follows the rules of search engines. While the black hat seo is the use of those tactics aggressively in a manner that focuses on attracting or violating the search engines not humans, violating the rules of search engines in the process and crawling up the search index.


The differences between the white and black seo are as follows:

  1. Black hat techniques involve keyword stuffing, link farming, blog comments spamming, hidden texts and links, doorway and cloaked pages. While white on the other hand involve researching and analyzing what is trending, re-writing meta-tags so as to be relevant then improving web contents and web redesigning.
  2. Black hat seo is not approved by search engines and the website may get penalized by lower ranking, de-indexing, and possible banning while white hat seo is approved by all search engines.

Building many back links, using target keywords and publishing a lot of content might increase your ranking but might at the same time lead to your page being banned, that’s the world of black hat optimization. That is why it is encouraged to follow the natural way and be patient with it, it will boost your ranking organically and ensure you are not de-indexed because the white hat seo is focused at getting quality not quantity.

To cap it all, most search engines have an automated bot (robot) which visits every page in the index then acquire the contents in the page which are to be analyzed further, so avoid keyword stuffing, doorway pages and spamming if you want to be ranked higher in search results. Some people consider the black hat seo not a wrong approach. If you are in that category or you are not sure of which one to pursue, just try and know the different types so as to know the consequences associated with each type.











PLN is kind of search engine optimization

pln24-seo1Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique employed by web content developers to increase the number of visitors who visit a website by obtaining high rankings in the search result of major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. SEO only affects content that has not been paid for or sponsored, often referred to as “organic content”.

Using SEO techniques increases a site’s accessibility to a search engine, which may lead to high chances of display by the engine in case of searches by users. Business people who have websites will find this useful as it increases the chances of sales and marketing. It is therefore important to employ best practices available to webmasters and web content developers, called “white hat” to achieve the much-desired good ranking in search engines

Start by creating relevant content for your site, accurately explaining your content with a catchy and relevant title. The title should be short but descriptive for you to increase chances of search engine accessibility. Search engines like google only display a portion of search content.

Using well-structured URLs, your URLs should incorporate relevant words. These words normally referred to as key words should dominate your file names and page names. However, be careful not to lose track of the subject by over-using the key words. It is advisable to use hyphens instead of underscores because they appear as a space unlike underscores.

pln24-seo2Your site should be easy to navigate as well. Make your home page to be interesting as much as possible. Easy navigation will allow visitors to access your site through search engines. Make use of internal links, which guides visitors back and forth. Users should be able to move from the Home page easily to other more specific content on your site.

Including a HTML site map page is also crucial. A site map ensures that search engines discover your site. This is especially important if your site has a number of pages in hundreds or thousands. This will avoid access to non-existing links to your site possibly by way of a broken link.

Optimize the use of images. Use a distinct file name for each image. By using “alt” attribute that increases chances of high traffic even for users using browser that don’t support images. Images can as well be used to link a user to another site or page.

Always invest in your research at the start. Research on the quality and services your site will offer. The focus should always be on the end users, in this case web visitors. Users desire quality content, which should be easily recognized upon reading a few sentences. Satisfied users are likely to refer other users to your site enabling you to get high web traffic. Anchor texts should flow smoothly and naturally, in your content, these coupled with good writing skills will prove to be more useful than all the other techniques.

These best practices on search engine optimization are not exhaustive, but starting from here is adequate and learning other techniques would be easier.