What is a Private Blog Network or PBN?

ann-pln24xyz-1The set of domains that is owned by the user or any other individual is called as a private link network(PLN) or private blog network (PBN). The users can have a blog network which could consist of free blogs. The free blog domains are not that much powerful when compared to the self-hosted blogs.

ann-pln24xyz-2In most of the cases, expired domains are used for making of the Blog network. The domain which was once owned by someone and whose registration has expired is called as an expired domain. Whatever may be the reason; once the domain is not registered anyone can pay the normal registration fee and own it.

Points to be noted about PLN:

  • The sites on your private link network are of no use unless they are linked to other sources. Normally the SEO which used PLN first tend to acquire an expired domain which is linked to a third-party external link. After that, they use this domain to put fresh SEO articles and content.

  • One can use the private blog networks to increase or manipulate the rankings of their sites or it can also be used to sell some of the links to other owners who are in need.

  • The basic concept behind the blog network is to that it allows the user a cheaper way to earn money by using a third-party link.

ann-pln24xyz-3Advantages of Private link networks:

  • By using private link networks, you are able to obtain back links which are of high-quality and will help you earn more.

  • You can control the contents which you want to show in the back link.

  • In the blog networks, you have the control of the Anchor Text to be placed on the backlinks

  • You can change the content of or the anchor text anytime you want.

Disadvantages of Private link networks:

  • It is very difficult to find domains that have expired.

  • You need to host the domain with a separate IP address.

  • The content to be placed should be original and also unique.

  • You need to manage a lot of different websites at a time.

  • You need to pay if you want more accounts for hosting.


Are PLN’s still effective?

Private Blog or Private Link Networks are still effective, but the fact can’t be denied that there is risk involved in blog networks, as it is against the terms of my aunt G.  She possesses every right to remove the sites if they are violating the terms of her.

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